Musical creation/cinema: what degrees of freedom?

Thursday 28 April 2011 - 14:30
Musical creation/cinema: what degrees of freedom?

As part of the Extension festival
Coordination and moderation David Jisse

Ever since the invention of the seventh art, musical creation has had with it a relationship at once ambiguous and fertile: the pianist improvising to films, the symphonic works of great emblematic composers, electro-acoustic compositions or indeed other approaches.
The history of music associated with images is ancient and multifarious.
Today, with so many blockbusters and experimental videos, has it become more difficult to position the composer? Between ‘utilitarian efficacy’ and original creation, how much latitude does the composer have? How do his gestures as a musician fit in with this new complexity brought about by the multiplicity of forms and cinematographic texts?
It is more than ever topical to ask these questions at a time of ‘unbridled’ development of audiovisual media such as the internet and the iPad among others.
This is why the Cdmc and La Muse en Circuit, the theme of the latter’s festival Extension 11 being the cinema, have joined forces to present this encounter.

14h30 Encounter-debate
What position does film music hold in contemporary musical creation?

After a short historical presentation of this question by Philippe Langlois, the various guests will take part in a dialogue concerning the following questions:
The dialectical relationship of the director and the composer
The conjunction of technological advances and their consequences for creation
The question of cinema’s ‘efficacy’
Experimental films and music
See and/or Hear

With the participation of Pierre Jansen, Philippe Langlois, Patrice Mestral, Philippe Schoeller, Pierre Schoeller, Frédéric Verrières.