Carol Robinson

Autour des compositeurs
Mercredi 08 Janvier 2020 - Samedi 23 Mai 2020
Carol Robinson

January 8 - January 13
Abbaye de Royaumont, France 


Six days to research my next production at the wonderful Abbaye de Royaumont. 

March 4
H.E.A.R., 1 rue de l’Académie
Strasbourg, France 

Concert and Lecture

As part of the Journée d'étude at the H.E.A.R (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin)

March 14
Radio France Paris, France 

Recording of FOREST GAZING for birbyne and string quartet, commissioned by Radio France 

May 23 
MJC Lillebonne Nancy, France

Concert (Robinson, Teyssot-Gay)

Carte Blanche at the Musique Action Festival for Carol Robinson (clarinets, voice and electronics)