Forty Components

The project of this video collection was conceived on the occasion of the forty years of the Cdmc. The general idea is to evoke what the musical creation is currently, its stakes, its difficulties, by giving the voice to the composers who are forty years old today. The composer is asked what is important for him, what he wants to say about his current situation: an idea, a theme, a testimony, a specific question, an experience, the story of a significant event.

Thought in formats that can work on television or on the internet, these interviews last from 5 to 7 minutes. Each interview can be broadcasted separately, but their thematic assembly is also possible. For example, three montages of about three minutes each have been made so far: The Composer's Workshop, New Tools, The Composer in the City. All interviews are subtitled in English. An exploitation of the videos by theme or keyword has been put in place.

These videos can be made available to the organizers of concerts or festivals or for any request for public presentation.

A Cdmc / Ina GRM co-production
Interviews Arnaud Merlin
Director Jean-Baptiste Garcia