Principles for composer biography database

Launched online in 2010, the composer biography database is in continuous development.

As an entry point for web resources, its aim is to present at least a succinct biography of a composer as well as links to the Cdmc's own information resources: documentation on the composer available for consultation and, as the case may be, audio extracts and/or recordings of encounters.

May be also available a detailed biography and complete work list or external links for pre-existent resources.

The editorial line and the criteria for preparing biographies were established with the help of a scientific committee. The main objectives were to highlight composers with a significant number of works in the Cdmc catalogue along with those who feature in current music programming, and also to increase awareness of up-and-coming composers.

In addition, regular consultation with the team running Ircam's Brahms database ensures coordination and a sharing out of the workload for composers who feature in both databases.

Research and redaction of the contents is undertaken by the Centre's documentalists, backed up by overlapping proofreading by several members of the team. We hope that this database will respond to the needs of the various players and the audiences of the music scene. We welcome observations and suggestions, so if you have any get in touch!

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