Generation Itinéraire # 5 : Hugues Dufourt

Monday 23 November 2009 - 14:30
Generation Itinéraire # 5 : Hugues Dufourt

At the Cdmc, from 14h30 to 18h30

Hugues Dufourt is one of the most striking personalities of the post-war European generation. His approach as philosopher and æsthetician, his acuity in the meticulous investigation of aural and compositional phenomena, his faith in history (systematic, theoretical and technical history of philosophy, society, science and the arts), not to mention his socio-political and institutional commitments make him a man whose polymorphous culture is of singular diversity.

Pierre Albert Castanet, « Un kaléidoscope fin de siècle », Histoire de la musique, Paris, Larousse, 1998, p. 1157.

. 14h30 Welcome by Laure Marcel-Berlioz, director of the Cdmc and Jean-Loup Graton, artistic director of L’Itinéraire
Hugues Dufourt: The subtle art of substitutions
Pierre Albert Castanet

. 15h Screening of Quai Bourbon
film by Luc Riolon,
music by Hugues Dufourt, Hommage à Charles Nègre for sextet

. 15h10 Hugues Dufourt’s Antiphysis
Martin Kaltenecker

. 15h40 Time-energy duality in Hugues Dufourt’s musical thought
Angelo Orcalli

. 16h10 Hugues Dufourt and electric instrument making
Martin Laliberté

. 16h40 Four works by Hugues Dufourt, considerations of a performer
Daniel Kawka

. 17h10 Round table: Hugues Dufourt, Martin Kaltenecker, Angelo Orcalli,
Martin Laliberté, Daniel Kawka, Pierre Albert Castanet

Moderator: Pierre Albert Castanet

. 18h Musical punctuation
Hugues Dufourt La Cité des saules for electric guitar and real-time sound transformation
Claude Pavy, electric guitar

Co-production Cdmc – L’Itinéraire