Call for proposals - Infuse 2016/2017

Welcoming proposals for the 2016-2017 season!

INFUSE présente is a concert series in Paris. It takes place at the gallery l’Espace des Arts Sans Frontières in the 19th arrondissement, Paris’s northeast corner. The venue is spare and a little bit echo-y, and the bar is fantastic. Sometimes there’s art on the walls. It’s a perfect place to make unusual music. And that’s the whole point.

As far as “unusual” goes, we imagine ourselves in the realm that's been a bit neglected in these parts, “experimental music.” But that’s a large kingdom and its borders are insecure. But let’s say, we’re looking to emphasize music with a spirit of the experimental, as in, not so much, “I want to do that,” as, “What happens if I do that?” For an idea of what we’ve done so far, our inaugural Spring 2016 season has consisted of music by Pascale Criton, Giuseppe Chiari, Catherine Lamb, Laurence Crane, Moondog, Earle Brown, John Cage, Christian Wolff… and Kaija Saariaho, Klaus Lang, Bernard Parmegiani, Annette Schmucki, Fausto Romitelli, Elliott Carter… and Julien Malaussena, Daniel Campbell, Davor Branimir Vincze...

We’re putting on one show per month during the 2016-17 season and are putting out a call for proposals to play in this space. This is a bootstraps organization, and we have no money yet, but our first few concerts have filled up the 45-50 chairs the venue owns. We can’t promise the same turn-out for out-of-towners, but we’re hopeful. We can help you get set up once you’re here, but you'll have to find your own equipment and bring it with you if you plan to use electronics. There is a video projector at the space.

So, if you’re a performer or an ensemble based in Paris, or planning to come through for another show and want a chance to do an extra gig, or if you have your own grant to pay for it all, drop us a line. Let us know who you are and where you’re from and what you’d like to play, and maybe send along something you’ve played before for us to listen to. And we’ll have a look and have a listen.

Nissim & Masha here at INFUSE

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Lundi 01 Août 2016