Université d'altitude 2019

Lundi 22 Juillet 2019 - Samedi 03 Août 2019

UA2019 - July 22 to August 3
Saint-Martin-Vésubie in France

Applications deadline February 26 2019 – Apply now !

Once selected through the inscription process, 10 composers from all over the world will be invited for the 2019 edition which will take place between July 22 and August 3 at Saint-Martin-Vésubie – France. The teachers give one-on-one classes as well as master classes. The student’s pieces are especially written for the Neue Vocalsolisten and will be rehearsed and performed for the two final concerts. An exchange program between UA and the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city will take place every year: At the end of each session, a composer will be selected to participate in the Academy in Tchaikovsky-city in Russia the following year.

For the 2019 edition, Pierluigi Billone, Dmitri Kourliandski and Raphaël Cendo will be giving classes and master classes during 12 days. Misael Gauchat (Co-Director, Maison ONA Publishing house) and Jean-Philippe Wurtz (conductor and artistic director of Ensemble Linéa and Voix Nouvelles [Royaumont]) will give classes on musical notation/editing and conducting, respectively.

Conferences will take place throughout the 12 days:
Éric de Chassey (professor of contemporary art history and managing director of INHA) and Milena Jakšić (sociologist, researcher at the CNRS) will come to give conferences of art history and sociology. Philosopher and musician Piersy Roos will end the day with a practical presentation of musical gestures with the concept of 'Dance Music Overflow'.

Two appointments will be taken upstream by Skype (date to be specified later):

- For the composers selected in March 2019, a first course will be given in April by Raphaël Cendo to work on the relationship text / music with each student.

- The second appointment, in May 2019, will be with Andreas Fischer (NeueVocalsolisten) and Raphaël Cendo to work on the scores and sketches in progress that will be presented at the closing concerts

Following the selection of a committee made up of professionals and student representatives, the UA éditions will be in place to give out text, audio and video extracts within a framework that contributes toward the transmission of knowledge. The publications will be accessible online to everyone, and a yearly journal will be printed and available in winter 2019.

The Université d'Altitude's programme consists of :

- 3 master classes and collective classes
- A presentation of each student and their music, background and main interests
- 3 conferences: art history, sociology and Dance Music Overflow
- One-to-one composition classes with every teacher/composer
- Rehearsals of pieces with Neue Vocalsolisten, with professors present
- Conducting classes
- Notation and editing classes
- 2 Concerts
- Tour of the surrounding regions, up to the Italian border