Ostrava Days 2015: new music institute and festival for composers and performers

Ostrava Days 2015: new music institute and festival - 10-29 August 2015
for composers and performers

The Ostrava Days Institute is a working environment with a focus, among others, on compositions for orchestra. There are two resident orchestras: the 95-piece Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and the 35-piece Ostravská banda. Additionally, there are resident ensembles, Canticum Ostrava choir, and many soloists. The Ostrava Days Institute is linked with the Ostrava Days Festival, which includes compositions by students and lectors and works by John Cage, B. A. Zimmermann, Iannis Xenakis, Morton Feldman, and György Ligeti, among others. OD Institute accepts up to 35 resident-students to ensure one-on-one interactions among all participants. The working language is English.

Other Participants: Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Ostravská banda, Canticum Ostrava & Jurij Galatenko, Elole trio, Mivos Quartet, String Noise, Reinhold Friedrich (trumpet), Hana Kotková (violin), David Moss & Thomas Buckner (voice), Annette Schönmüller (mezzosoprano), Daan Vandewalle (piano), Vilém Veverka (oboe), Rolf Gupta, Roland Kluttig and Ondřej Vrabec (conductors) among others.

Resident-students will be chosen through a review of no more than three scores and audio samples. The program of the festival’s opening concert will include works for 3 orchestras. Up to two student pieces may be included.

Tuition: 2 200 EUR / 2 600 USD (3-week duration, including accommodation in the centrally located hotel in Ostrava - single or double room, 3 meals a day). Limited financial assistance is available.

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Dimanche 01 Mars 2015