International Composition Masterclass FESTIVAL SIRGA/ACM

International Composition Masterclass – with and without electronics- with Richard Barrett and Schreck Ensemble/BassBoxes

Chicago Project with ACM (Access Contemporary Music – Chicago)

July 7th to 11th in Flix (Catalunya) – SIRGA FESTIVAL 2015 (2nd edition)

FESTIVAL SIRGA launches an open call for international composers and sound artists to participate in the

International Musical Composition Masterclass, with and without electronics, with composer RICHARD BARRETT and the Dutch ensemble Schreck Ensemble. This Masterclass counts on ACM’s (Access Contemporary Music - Chicago) collaboration.

The Masterclass will be held July 7-11 in the town of Flix. There will be two performances with Ensemble Schreck, a concert-performance at “Castell de Flix” on July 10th and a concert at “Església de Flix” on July 11th.

Thanks to the collaboration between SIRGA FESTIVAL and ACM, some participants in the Masterclass will be scheduled in the 2015/2016 concert season of Palomar Ensemble - Chicago ( At the same time some candidates will also participate with their music in a special broadcast in the radio program "Relevant Tones" from radio station 98.7WFMT Chicago. Participation in the Chicago project is available to any participant in the two categories of the Masterclass explained below.

There are two different categories. Each participant will choose only ONE:

-Category 1: Instrumental works, with or without electronics, and with or without BassBoxes.
-Category 2: Projects of works, performances or mini installations, without instruments, for BassBoxes and with or without electronics.

Date limite: 
Dimanche 31 Mai 2015