Gaudeamus Award 2016

The Award is an internationally acclaimed prize for young composers, that often leads to launching the career of a composer into the contemporary musical landscape.

Composers of any nationality who were born after October 1, 1985 may enter their works. Works may already have been performed, but they must have been composed no more than three (3) years ago.

String ensemble: Amsterdam Sinfonietta
Instruments: (4 first violins, 4 second violins, 3 violas, 2 celli, 1 double bass). Maximum number of players is 14. Minimum of players is 4. Amplification and electronics are optional. Undirected performance should be possible! Maximum length 10 minutes.

Small vocal ensemble: Silbersee
From 1 to a maximum of 6 voices, to be selected from: high soprano/coloratura, soprano/mezzo, alto, high tenor, baritone, and bass baritone. Amplification and electronics are optional. Composers should be aware that there are no practical possibilities for staging: all selected works will be performed in concert form.

Ensemble + video and/or live electronics: Ensemble Modelo62
Instruments: 1 flute (+picc, alto, bass), 1 clarinet (+bass), 1 trumpet (in C), 1 guitar (electric + acoustic), 1 piano (+keyboard), 1 percussion, 1 violin, 1 cello and 1 double bass (+electric bass). We encourage works with electronics and or video. Conductor is optional; musicians can also be used as theatrical performers. You can use any combination of these musicians with a minimum of 3.

Date limite: 
Jeudi 01 Octobre 2015