Presences of Iannis Xenakis [Présences de Iannis Xenakis]

Edited by Makis Solomos

couverture Présences de Iannis Xenakis

This work includes essays by 25 international specialists, musicologists, performers, composers, architects, philosophers: Serge Bertocchi, Joëlle Caullier, François Delalande, Evelyne Gayou, Matthieu Guillot, Jean-Luc Hervé, Mihu Iliescu, Antonio Lai, Ricardo Mandolini, Beatrix Raanan, Makis Solomos (France), Linda Arsenault, Angelo Bello, Ellen Flint, James Harley, Ronald Squibbs (USA), Peter Hoffmann, Philipp Oswalt, Elisabeth Sikiaridi (Allemagne), Benoît Gibson, Cãndido Limá, Helena Santana (Portugal), Agostino Di Scipio (Italie), Carmen Pardo (Espagne), Sven Sterken (Belgique).
It also contains French translations of two articles written by Xenakis in Greek.

The book consists of five parts:
- 1) Sources and final works
- 2) Theories
- 3) Æsthetics
- 4) Analyses
- 5) Architecture and polytopes.

It further contains an annotated bibliography that will serve as a tool for future research.


Année de publication: 
Published by the Cdmc, Paris - 268 p.

On sale at the Cdmc, 23,30 €