Henri Dutilleux, Entre le cristal et la nuée [Henri Dutilleux, Between the crystal and the cloud]

Edited by Nicolas Darbon

Henri Dutilleux, entre le cristal et la nuéeThis work is the result of the ‘Journées Henri Dutilleux’ organised by the Cdmc in December 2006. It includes texts by Aurélie Allain, Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Pascal Arnault, Francis Bayer, Jean-Yves Bosseur, Raphaël Brunner, Pierre Albert Castanet, Martine Cadieu, Bernard Cavanna, Nicolas Darbon, Marie Delcambre-Monpoël, Jacques Doucelin, Henri-Claude Fantapié, Éric Gaudibert, Gérard Grisey, Jacques Hétu, Didier Rotella, Sophie Stévance, Jeremy Thurlow.
Grouped into six chapters (Mirrors, Metamorphoses, Correspondences, Introspection, Resonances, Personal accounts), the contributors present different approaches and analyses of the music, as well as comments by composers, performers and commentators. A list of works, bibliographical indications, a selective discography and a filmography complete the book.

Année de publication: 
Published by the Cdmc, Paris, 2010 - 162 p.

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Foreword: Nicolas Darbon
Entre le cristal et la nuée…

I. Mirrors

Jean-Pierre Armengaud: Henri Dutilleux: music on the beat
Pierre Albert Castanet: On the musical ‘mystagogy’ of Henri Dutilleux: between dependence and independence

II. Metamorphoses

Nicolas Darbon: Dutilleux at the boundaries of chaos: metamorphosis and morphogenesis
Jeremy Thurlow: Snapshots before time? Métaboles and stylistic change in the 1960s
Raphaël Brunner: The poetic of the instant in the work of Henri Dutilleux: emancipation of form and semantic determination of spaces outside time

III. Correspondences

Jean-Yves Bosseur: The pictorial poetic of Henri Dutilleux
Sophie Stévance: The symbolic function of Dutilleux’s music after the Correspondances
Aurélie Allain: The musical meaning of colour and of the sacred in the work of Henri Dutilleux

IV. Introspection

Marie Delcambre-Monpoël: Night and time in Henri Dutilleux’s Quartet
Didier Rotella: From Figures de résonances to Three Preludes: a few aspects of Henri Dutilleux’s piano writing
Marie Delcambre-Monpoël: Henri Dutilleux: Trois Strophes sur le nom de Sacher. A few keys for listening

V. Resonances

Gérard Grisey: Henri Dutilleux innovator!
Bernard Cavanna: Brilliant, Generous and Singular
Francis Bayer: The teaching of Henri Dutilleux
Henri-Claude Fantapié: A whole world (already) far off and (ever) present
Éric Gaudibert: Memories…
Jacques Hétu: Henri Dutilleux
Pascal Arnault: Between Dutilleux and his mirrors. Modelling language

VI. Personal accounts

Jacques Doucelin: Henri Dutilleux at the limits of sound and image
Jacques Doucelin/Henri Dutilleux: The composer’s thoughts on The Shadows of Time (1997), Correspondances (2003) (compiled comments)
Martine Cadieu: Henri Dutilleux. Book time

List of works
Bibliographical indications
Selective discography