Edison Denisov composer of light

Directed by Ekaterina Kouprovskaia-Bruggeman

Throughout my whole life I have looked for light.
Edison Denisov

The present work is the first portrait of a composer whose name is known in France much more than his music. The authors – musicologists, composers, pupils of Denisov and performers of his music, French and Russian – tell of Denisov the man as well as his music under the most varied of aspects, evoking the depth, the density and the modernity of his language.

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Foreword: Ekaterina Kouprovskaia-Bruggeman

I. Views and memories: the man, the pedagogue
Ivanka Stoianova: Edison Denisov, composer and pedagogue of the avant-garde
Youri Kasparov: Denisov-leader
Jean-Luc Darbellay: Edison Denisov, teacher and “unifier”

II. French affinities: Denisov and France
Ekaterina Kouprovskaia-Bruggeman: Edison Denisov and France: a love story
Claude Samuel: Edison Denisov and the young Debussy
Pierre-Yves Artaud: The flute in Edison Denisov’s music, followed by The Flute, a text by Denisov
Daniel Kawka: A performer’s notes

III. Approaching the mystery: Symbolism in the music of Edison Denisov
Ekaterina Kouprovskaia-Bruggeman: Light and colour in the work of Edison Denisov
Dmitri Smirnov: The symbolism of Edison Denisov’s Flute Concerto
Mikhaïl Doubov: The harmony of the artistic world (Femme et oiseaux by Edison Denisov)

IV. On the listening curve: an analysis of the works
Alfred Schnittke: Edison Denisov
Edison Denisov: Ode for clarinet, piano and percussion
Elena Barach: The concertos of Edison Denisov
Pierre Albert Castanet: From darkness to light: Edison Denisov’s Requiem

Biography of Edison Denisov
The authors


Année de publication: 
Publication Cdmc, Paris, 2011 - 146 p.