Voice, text & phonemes in the work of Georges Aperghis

Thursday 24 March 2011 - 14:00
Voice, text & phonemes in the work of Georges Aperghis

Seminar for contemporary composition & musicology, co-ordinated by Laurent Feneyrou & Frédéric Durieux
Partnership Cdmc – CNSMDP – CNRS – Ircam
In the nineteenth century, the Beethovenian revolution put an end to guilds and the apprenticeship method for transmitting compositional skills, prefiguring a modern approach to musical analysis. Gradually, however, this analysis, at first restricted to the domain of creation, gained in autonomy and began developing its own processes.
At the same time, literary, political and philosophical demands reawakened a still lively vein of commentary or interpretation, taking as its task to bring within its compass both the tangible world and the conceptual universe.
The subject of this seminar on ‘Contemporary composition & musicology’ is the works of Georges Aperghis with their inherent processes, syntax and style, and the method is one of dialogue, that we hope will be productive, between the voice of the composer and those of his performers, his librettists and his interlocutors. Each will choose, organise and analyse particular events, within the same score, or even the same fragment, or the same point of style. And if we wager that such a dialogue will prove fertile, it is on condition that everyone speaks in his own language, talks of his listening processes in his own way, not seeking to imitate that of others and accepting this fundamental discontinuity in which the approaches can converge, be juxtaposed yet also be unaware of each other.
. 14h Dialogues with Georges Aperghis

The æsthetic of Georges Aperghis

François Régnault, writer and psychoanalyst

Georges Aperghis’s great stammer

Peter Szendy, musicologist

The Migration of Georges Aperghis’s theatre to the concert (the 2000s)

Antoine Gindt, stage director, director of T&M

Admission free, reservation 01 47 15 49 86