Paul Méfano. Free variations

Monday 15 February 2016 - 14:30
Free entrance, reservation 01 47 15 49 86 or

Part of Suzanne Giraud’s contemporary workshop

Moderated by Pascale Criton

Paul Méfano, a figure of openness and prospection, stands out by virtue of his multiplicity and originality.

His musical world is one that explores the coexistence of diversity and the smooth articulations that give structure to form in instability.

The founder and music director of the ensemble 2e2m in 1972, his sense of curiosity has brought to light several generations of composers. His remarkable commitment, involving as much his musical aesthetics as the institutional responsibilities he has exercised, is notable for its independent spirit and his rejection of aesthetic exclusion.

This encounter will examine the composer’s ethics and poetics, as well as the role he has played in musical creation.