New instruments, new repertories, new pedagogies

Thursday 18 April 2013 - 09:30
Nouveaux instruments, nouveaux répertoires, nouvelles pédagogies

Coordination Hugues Genevois and Serge de Laubier

The 20th century saw the birth of new families of musical instruments: electronic, electro-mechanical, digital… and even mechanical!
Some of these gave rise to new repertories, or led to a new look at works of the past. Others were intimately linked to their creator, or to the production of one particular work, without consequences for a repertory. Whereas new musical practices arose with, notably, the emergence of orchestras comprising digital or electro-acoustic instruments, we shall attempt to identify and outline the repertories and pedagogies that are linked to them.

Moderator Hugues Genevois, team director for LAM


10h Three approaches to the identity of the instrument: tone-colour, gesture, repertory
Bernard Sève, philosopher, University of Lille 3

Making a start on an inventory of the differences and the continuity created by the practice of new instruments
Serge de Laubier, composer, artistic director of PUCE MUSE

New organologies, new transmissions?
Alain Bonardi, musicologist, University Paris 8/Ircam

Real time for everyone? Instrument, software, interface and transmission
Thomas Collin, composer, music teacher
14h30 Which pedagogies for or with these new instruments?
Jean-Philippe Dejussieu, conservatory director

The MELISSON, from pedagogical tool to concert instrument
Roland Ossart, composer, co-inventor of the Mélisson

Tools and methods for analysing interactive music
Pierre Couprie, teacher researcher, University of Paris-Sorbonne

The Metapiano, a concert device for making the classical repertory available
Jean Haury, pianist, musicologist, inventor of the Meta-Piano

Discussion and round table

Thursday 18 April 2013 I 20h30 I Church of Saint-Merri

Concert encounter of Meta-orchestras

Five digital musical formations

Partnership Cdmc – Lam – Puce Muse
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