Natural models and imaginary scenarios in the music of Peter Eötvös, François-Bernard Mâche and Jean-Claude Risset

Friday 23 March 2012 - 00:00 to Saturday 24 March 2012 - 00:00
Natural models and imaginary scenarios in the music of Peter Eötvös, François-Bernard Mâche and Jean-Claude Risset

Cdmc | Conservatoire de Paris

Coordination Márta Grabócz

It might at first seem surprising to see the names of these three composers associated in the same project. However, further and more attentive consideration of their works enables one to detect the musical features that clearly link them – though without there being any overt exchange or dialogue between them.
These are what one might call ‘independent’ composers, as they have traced their paths away from cliques and fashion. Part of their creative activity can be placed under the Varèsian sign of a certain ‘idealist futurism’, in the investigation of new sounds and novel structural frameworks. As for the eternal conflict between poetic formalism and a poetic guided by contents or expression, they have consciously experimented both paths, though they seem to show an inclination towards extra-musical references, such as the use of natural, scientific or literary models. They are interested in the musical exploitation of language and human speech, and one final aspect that brings them together is music theatre, instrumental theatre or the imaginary musical scenario. François-Bernard Mâche and Peter Eötvös have been experimenting with music theatre since 1969-1970 and Jean-Claude Risset introduced the idea of an ‘imaginary sound scenario’ in referring to his mixed works.
We hope that these few common aspects in the musical styles of the three composers will open the way to a scientific encounter rich in analytical and æsthetic explorations.

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Natural models and imaginary scenarios - Day 1

Friday 23 March 2012 - 09:30


9h30 Welcome by Laure Marcel-Berlioz and Márta Grabócz

9h45 An imaginary encounter: ‘duel’-type scenarios in the works of the three composers
Márta Grabócz, Strasburg University and IUF

10h15 Shifting models in the works for string quartet by François-Bernard Mâche
Jean-Marc Bardot, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne

10h40 Analysing the imaginary in the electro-acoustic music of Jean-Claude Risset
Pierre Couprie, Paris-Sorbonne University

11h20 Natural models in the music of Peter Eötvös: between compositional inspiration and the construction of an ideal. The example of Kosmos (1961-1999)
Marie Laviéville-Angelier, University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

11h45 The idea of an imaginary sound scenario and its relationship to the perception and performance of the mixed work Luraï by Jean-Claude Risset
Elsa Filipe, Paris-Sorbonne University

12h10 Formal and Expressive Function in the Work of François-Bernard Mâche: Implications for Narrative Computer Composition
Daniel Brown, University of California, Santa Cruz

Moderation: Pierre-Albert Castanet

14h30 Burial-Extraction. Traces of lapsed time (Peter Eötvös and François-Bernard Mâche)
François-Gildas Tual, CRR of Grenoble

15h The art of portraying drama according to Peter Eötvös
Pedro Amaral, composer, conductor (Portugal)

15h45 - 17h45 Round table in the presence of the composers
Introduction to the discussion by Jean-Claude Risset: “Nature against nature”

Moderation: Jean-François Boukobza

Musical interludes
11h05 Peter Eötvös Conte
15h25 Jean-Claude Risset Resonant
Soundscapes: 1/ Bells, brass, metal; 2/ Filters; 3/ Plectra

Natural models and imaginary scenarios - Day 2

Saturday 24 March 2012 - 09:30


9h30 On the relationship between sounds of nature, instrumental sounds and electronic sounds in some works of François-Bernard Mâche and Jean-Claude Risset
Laurent Pottier, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne

10h From natural models to novel sound decor: Lady Sarashina by Peter Eötvös
Béatrice Ramaut-Chevassus, Jean Monnet University, Saint-Étienne

10h25 On the use of natural models and imaginary scenarios in the early mixed works of Jean-Claude Risset: Little Boy (1968-1970), Dialogues (1975) and Inharmonic (1977)
Olivier Baudouin, Paris-Sorbonne University

11h05 Musical time in the works of François-Bernard Mâche
Georges Bériachvili, pianist, musicologist, Houilles Conservatory

11h30 Invisible for soprano and tape (1996) by Jean-Claude Risset: universalism and metaphor
Pascal Pistone, musicologist, composer and conductor, Bordeaux III University III

11h50 Shadows by Peter Eötvös or the imaginary scenario of sounds
Aurore Rivals, musicologist, artiste

12h15 François-Bernard Mâche and the UPIC of Iannis Xenakis: towards a redefinition of melodic contour
Cyrille Delhaye, GRHIS and Rouen University

Moderation: François Madurell

14h30 The electro-acoustic thread of Iter memor (1985) for cello and tape by François-Bernard Mâche
François-Xavier Féron, researcher associated with the Analysis and Musical Practice team (Ircam)
The piece Iter memor will be played in its entirety after the talk by Hélène Latour, cellist and François-Xavier Féron, electro-acoustic diffusion.

15h05 Realism, novel phenomena and continuity: on the piece Mutations and the early scientific studies of Jean-Claude Risset (1964-1969)
Anne Veitl, researcher

15h30 The relationship between art and science in the early works of Peter Eötvös
Bálint Veres, University of the Arts ‘Moholy - Nagy’, Budapest (Hungary)

16h Final discussion, round table

Moderator: Philippe Lalitte

Musical interlude
10h50 Jean-Claude Risset Resonant
Soundscapes: 4/ Reverberating; 5/ Bells, horns (trompes)
15h55 Peter Eötvös Cadenza, Aurore Rivals, flute

18h30 Concert
Paris Conservatory | Salle Emmanuel

Peter Eötvös
Georges Bériachvili, piano

Jean-Claude Risset
Nature against nature
Four rhythmic exercises, for percussionist and media fixed sounds
Thierry Miroglio, percussion

Peter Eötvös
Thierry Miroglio, timpanum

François-Bernard Mâche
Nocturne for piano and recorded sounds
Georges Bériachvili, piano
Partnership Cdmc – Université de Strasbourg Labex GREAM – Hungarian Institute in Paris – Institut Universitaire de France