Musical creation and gardens

Tuesday 26 May 2009 - 10:00
Musical creation and gardens

At the Parc floral de Paris

This study day will highlight the role of the park in the city, a place that brings together varied audiences. At the edges of music and nature, musicians and gardeners, landscape architects and composers, journalists and philosophers will debate about the meeting of the sound and the vegetable.

. 10h Welcome
Fabienne Giboudeaux
, deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of the gardens

Moderator Patrick Scheyder

. 10h15 Introduction
The diffusion of music in parks and gardens, which stakes ?
Patrick Scheyder, pianist, composer, improviser, president of the federation « Cultures aux jardins »

. 10h30
A small history of music in gardens
Chilpéric De Boiscuille
, director of the « École nationale supérieure de la nature et du paysage de Blois »

. 10h50
The musical creation linked to the landscape, since 1970
Jay Gottlieb, pianist

. 11h10 Sound art and public policies in gardens, some examples
Sylvie Depondt, assistant manager in charge of the animation and communication at the direction of gardens and environment of the city of Paris
Cyril Lomet, person in charge of the direction of gardens of the city of Rennes
Dominique Durand, director of the « Centre technique municipal – espaces
verts » of the city of Beauvais
Bernard Boland, artistic director and Florence Dreux, organizer of the Festival « Classique au vert »

Moderator Pierre Albert Castanet

. 14h Introduction
The place of art and music in gardens
Pierre Albert Castanet
. 14h15 Cross experiences 1
Emmanuelle Giuliani, journalist of « La Croix » culture service: Artistic disciplines and nature, more and more precious, more and more fragile
Serge De Laubier
, composer, director of Puce Muse: Puce Muse at the garden or « la musique buissonnière »
Alain Baraton
, chief gardener of the « Domaine national de Trianon » and the « Grand Parc de Versailles » and chronicler at France inter: The sounds of the gardens
Jean-Luc Hervé
, composer and Marie France, landscape architect, Arpentere: Tobi-Ishi, a sounding garden in the Marais district

. 15h30 Cross experiences 2
Woudi, composer: Artistic creation, the openness to the senses
Pascale Paulat
, artistic director of the festival « Pestacles »: At the crossroads... or how to stimulate the look and the listening of the child in a different way?
Bernard Fort
, composer et director of the GMVL: From concert to sound exhibition, between natural and cultural
Claude Bureaux
, master gardener, former chief gardener of the « Jardin des Plantes » and chronicler at France info: Being the king pin between the world of gardens and the world of arts
Pierre Mariétan
, composer: Music garden • sound silence noise • a question of scale

. 16h40 Round table: The contemporary musical creation in a public space, open, mobile, living, a space of wandering, daydreaming, between the fantasies of the designer – the landscape architect, the gardener, the dreamer, the sound designer – and those of the wanderer, not spectator but actor, walker, listener, sniffer, sensor, in every ways, of the suggested landscape.
Cécile Le Prado, composer, Sophie Barbaux, visual artist and landscape architect, Gilles Tieberghien, philosopher

. 17h Synthesis by Patrick Scheyder and Pierre Albert Castanet

Practical information:
Free entrance, reservation at 01 47 15 49 86
It is recommanded to come by public transport:
Métro 1: station Château de Vincennes, then follow the signage « Parc floral »
In the park, signage: « Musiques aux Parcs » to the pavillon 12