Michèle Reverdy, ‘Untranquil’ Composer

Thursday 06 March 2014 - 10:00

Coordination Yves Balmer, Bernard Banoun, Emmanuel Reibel

Michèle Reverdy holds a singular position in the contemporary panorama: hopelessly infatuated with expression yet attached to the historical continuity of atonal language, this admirer of Alban Berg cultivates an independent spirit that sometimes conflicts with the predominant aesthetic. Played nonetheless all over the world and championed by prestigious performers, this composer, who has collaborated with the writer Pascal Quignard and with the film director Raoul Ruiz, has found distinction in all genres. The recent release of a monographic study of her output (Michèle Reverdy, compositrice « intranquille », Editions Vrin, by Emmanuel Reibel and Yves Balmer) is an opportunity to sketch a portrait of this composer who has just turned 70: the focus will be on the composer, who always shapes her works as an architect and a painter, but also on the journalist, who has produced many broadcasts on contemporary music, and on the pedagogue, who has taught analysis and orchestration at the Paris Conservatory. In counterpoint, consideration will be given to the relationships that can be established between a musicologist and a composer, and to the significance of writing a book on a living artiste.

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Michèle Reverdy
De l'ironie contre l'absurdité du monde
Quatorze poignées d'argile
Trio Nomade

Laurent Verney, alto
Françoise Massé, soprano
Pauline Haas, harpe

Partnership Cdmc – CNSMDP