Meeting Alsina

Thursday 17 March 2011 - 00:00 to Friday 18 March 2011 - 00:00
Meeting Alsina

Co-ordinator: Bernard de Vienne

For his 70th birthday, Carlos Roqué Alsina, composer, pianist and teacher, wished to highlight, through his multifarious activities, the evolution of contemporary music since the 1950s.
This meeting will be the occasion for outlining his æsthetic approach: writing and formal coherence, the essential aim and driving force in the construction of a work.
Establishing the historical lineage of Carlos Roqué Alsina (Brahms, Debussy, Schönberg, Webern, Berio, Stockhausen) involves an investigation of his highly specific rereading of the work of Schönberg (particularly of his atonal period), opposed as it is to the process of generalised structuring of the musical parameters.
At the age of 24 this virtuoso pianist showed his mettle in his impressive Klavierstück III (1962/1965) with a fundamental renewal of twentieth-century piano writing. Moreover, quite apart from the extreme virtuosity, this writing laid down the foundation blocks of a new harmonic logic, of until then unparalleled relationships of density, and contributed to the rejuvenation of the formal logic of a work, as being the consequence of a fully worked out relationship of instrumental gestures and not of an a priori structural approach.
Carlos Roqué Alsina is emblematic of a trend that many post-war composers have followed on the fringes of various schools for which instrumental experimentation is paramount.

Free admission for all events over the two days, reservation 01 47 15 49 86
Partnership Cdmc – CRR de Paris

Meeting Alsina - 1

Thursday 17 March 2011 - 09:30


Paris Regional Conservatory (Salle Fauré)

Moderator: Corinne Schneider

. 9h30-12h30 The contemporary workshop of Corinne Schneider

with Carlos Roqué Alsina

. 17h Welcome

Xavier Delette, director of the Paris Regional Conservatory
Laure Marcel-Berlioz, Director of the Cdmc

The composer in his epoch

Pierre-Albert Castanet

Portrait of Carlos Roqué Alsina

Alexis Galpérine

Conducting and playing Alsina

Renaud François

The pre-eminence of form in performance

Michel Bourdoncle

. 18h The singularity of Alsina’s style

Bernard de Vienne

The specificity of Carlos Roqué Alsina’s teaching

Carine Zarifian

How I see the evolution of post-war music

Carlos Roqué Alsina

. 19h Musical interlude

Carlos Roqué Alsina Klavierstück III
Carlos Roqué Alsina, piano
Belgirate for solo violin
Alexis Galpérine, violin



Meeting Alsina - 2

Friday 18 March 2011 - 20:00

Marcel Landowski Auditorium
Carlos Roqué Alsina Funktionen for 9 performers (1966)
Bernard de Vienne L’envie de partir, first chamber symphony for mezzo and 13 solo instruments
Claude Debussy Three Preludes

Carlos Roqué Alsina, piano

Renaud François
Quatre phrases de Paul Claudel for solo flute and children’s chorus

Renaud François, flute
Choir of the Regional Conservatory conducted by Patrick Marco

Carlos Roqué Alsina
Concertino for solo piano and 12 instruments

Hisako Hirata, piano
Ensemble Contemporain of the Regional Conservatory
Jacques Saint-Yves, conductor

Exhibition of documents and photos displaying the multiple itineraries of Carlos Roqué Alsina: encounters, concerts, improvisation, teaching, experiments…
Presentation of the book Carlos Roqué Alsina Entretiens et témoignages by Alexis Galpérine, Éditions Delatour