Gilles Deleuze. An approach to music: the issues

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - 09:30

Coordination: Pascale Criton

This first session opens the itinerant seminar by presenting different aspects of Gilles Deleuze’s encounter with music. We shall set out the main lines of Deleuze’s approach to music and the historical context of his philosophy from the 1960s (the serial approach, structuralism…): the musical and aural references in his work, the philosophical notions to be found in various texts that deal more particularly with the domain of music, the extensions of this approach in the case of composers who were contemporary with the philosopher.

. 9h30: Welcome
Laure Marcel-Berlioz, director of the Cdmc

. 10h: Towards a system of multiplicities
Pascale Criton

. 10h45: Musical and aural references in the work of Deleuze
Brent Waterhouse

. 11h30: Musical interlude

. 11h45: Occupy without counting
Anne Sauvagnargues

. 14h30: Voyage to the centre of the head
François Bayle

. 15h15: The Deleuzian reference in contemporary musical creation
Pierre-Albert Castanet

. 16h: Musical interlude

. 17h30: From smooth time to striated time, the issues in musical thought
Round table with the participation of composer(s) and researchers, on the reciprocal modalities of the tools of thought and of creation. Guests: Philippe Hurel and Noëlle Batt

. 18h30: Musical interlude

Musical interludes
Pascale Criton
Elle est mignonne
Valérie Philippin, Vincent Bouchot, voice, Didier Aschour, guitar
La ritournelle et le galop
Didier Aschour, guitar
Plis for cello
Deborah Walker, cello

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75019 Paris
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