Gilbert Amy, A multilateral look at his work today

Tuesday 31 January 2012 - 09:30
Gilbert Amy, A multilateral look at his work today

Coordination Pierre Michel
When, in a letter addressed in 1972 to Francesco Siciliani, Bruno Maderna mentioned “some interesting foreign composers” for programming in Milan, he named Gilbert Amy, Jean-Claude Éloy and Earle Brown…
Gilbert Amy has played an active role in French musical life, though this prominent position has without doubt thrown his own musical production into the shade, even if it is very varied and forceful.
A new and unique occasion, therefore, presents itself for becoming better acquainted with the music and ideas of Gilbert Amy through a day session that, thanks to the contributors, is highly diversified.
Performers, fellow travellers, musicologists, historians and composers from the composing class at the Lyons Conservatory, all these guests will in their different ways examine the work and the diverse facets and activities of this great creative artiste.
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. 9h30
Pierre Michel, University of Strasburg

. 9h45
The Domaine Musical after Pierre Boulez: continuity, openness and structural contradictions
Jésus Aguila, University of Toulouse

. 10h15
The radiophonic adventure
Karine Le Bail, researcher at the CNRS

. 10h45
A composition class: producing music nowadays
Franck Krawczyk, composer

. 11h15
The transmission of knowledge, of practical skills, and… of life skills, in a composer’s activity
Jean-Jacques Di Tucci, composer

. 11h45
Conversations on performance
Jean-François Heisser, pianist, Michel Tabachnik, conductor and Gilbert Amy

Moderator Jean-Pierre Derrien

. 14h30
Adagio and Stretto (A2, 1980)

. 15h
Form and spatial set-up of tone-colour in the instrumental and orchestral works
Pierre Michel, University of Strasburg

. 15h30
The vocal works of Gilbert Amy: the word, between texts and pretexts
Bruno Gillet, composer

. 16h
Strahl (rayonnement), about Une saison en Enfer
François Bayle, composer

. 16h30
An alchemy of the word, from Arthur Rimbaud to Gilbert Amy: Une saison en enfer
Bruno Bossis, musicologist

. 17h30
Round table
With the participation of Gilbert Amy, Laurent Cuniot, conductor, Thomas Goepfer, computer musician at Ircam and Jean-Claude Risset, composer

. 18h15
Musical interlude
Jeux for oboe (1970), transcription for soprano saxophone
Claude Delangle, saxophone

Moderator Pierre Michel

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