On excess in sound - Franck Bedrossian - Ensemble 2e2m

Thursday 24 January 2008 - 18:00

An encounter dealing with the compositional issues of Franck Bedrossian (1971) and Raphaël Cendo (1975), moderator: Omer Corlaix, producer for France Musiques.

Saturation leads to the idea of excess. Would a saturated sound be an excessive sound ? A sound that had abandoned its normal state ? Would it be « noised sound » ? Would a saturated sound be a contradictory sound that would negate itself ? Rock music, with the appearance of a new instrument – the electric guitar, has upset the balance between acoustic sound and synthetic sound. Saturation of sound, saturation of listening. Too much information about a sound, the aural impossibility of imagining it opens up a new horizon. Similarly, does not the increasing power of decibels with amateurs of black metal or hard rock result in the desire to incorporate oneself in the sound ? Can this attitude be compared with new forms of marking, of scarring the body as with, for example, piercing, thresholds of pain and audibility ?

Omer Corlaix : Introduction

Etienne Guillochet : Rock and saturation
References of broadcast extracts : Johnny Burnette the rock’n’roll trio – Train kept a rolling
Guitare : Paul Burlison 1956

Frank Bedrossian : Of monstrosity, from eye to ear

Nicolas Darbon : From saturation to chaos

Raphaël Cendo : The saturation parameters

Nicolas Brémaud : From saturation to sound interference, from jazz to world music


Introduction par Omer Corlaix

Le rock et la saturation par Etienne Guillochet

De la monstruosité, de l'oeil à l'oreille par Franck Bedrossian

De la saturation au chaos par Nicolas Darbon

Les paramètres de la saturation par Raphaël Cendo

De la saturation au parasitage du son, du jazz aux musiques du monde par Nicolas Brémaud