Encounter with the ensemble Télémaque

Thursday 24 September 2009 - 18:00
Encounter with the ensemble Télémaque

Established in Marseilles for fifteen years and directed by a composer, Raoul Lay, the ensemble Télémaque champions an opening out to all forms of creativity. Today it devotes a considerable part of its work to music theatre.

Programmed by the Festival d’Île-de-France for the show Desperate Singers, Télémaque has been invited by the Cdmc to explore its activities through the following themes:

Contemporary music and the stage: is the musical a spectacle?
Are composers and stage directors in perfect harmony… or almost?

Benjamin Dupé, composer
Jean-Paul Dessy, composer and conductor
Catherine Marnas, director
Benoist Baillergeau, artistic director of Ars Nova, instrumental ensemble
Video excerpt: Le Cabaret des valises

Contemporary music, audiences and the regions: battle plans…
Should a work be made accessible?

Dominique Boutel, journalist, producer at Radio-France
Jean-Michel Grémillet, director of the national theatre of Cavaillon
Jean-Luc Hervé, composer
Jean-Pascal Viault, stage director and director of Yonne-en-scène
Video excerpt: La Jeune Fille aux mains d’argent

Moderator: Dominique Boutel

Mini concert
Pierre Adrien Charpy Capuccino pour accordéon solo [2008]
Philippe Hersant Mélancholia pour contrebasse solo (extraits) [1989]
Raoul Lay Solos extraits du Cabaret des valises [2007]

Jean-Marc Fabiano, accordéon, Jean-Bernard Rière, contrebasse

With the contribution of the Festival d’Île-de-France
Free entrance

Picture Agnès Mellon