Edison Denisov, composer of light

Thursday 09 April 2009 - 10:00
Edison Denisov Meeting

This one-day meeting pays tribute to the composer Edison Denisov, who would have been 80 years old in April 2009. By his constant research of a new musical language, Denisov has established himself, from his very first works, as one of the true leader of the Russian avant-garde.

He had to suffer the consequences of his opposition to the Soviet regime, and it’s only since 1985 that his work was recognized in Russia.

Trained as a mathematician, Denisov has always claimed the influence of mathematics’ spirit on his works. Paintings and nature were also a major part of his sources of inspiration. Imbued with a profound spirituality, his music is marked by an unceasing quest for beauty.

As an indisputable leader with a rare charisma, Denisov gathered around himself many musicians: composers, performers, and also musicologists. He was also involved in bridging the gap between composers and performers of various countries, and was in this way European before the day. A fervent defender of Russian contemporary music, he worked hard for its promotion in the West. As an accomplished teacher, he trained many Russian composers of today. Denisov, who speaked French and was a real expert of French culture, is by the way a full component of the musical life of this country.

Twelve years after his death, this meeting invites some personalities who have known Denisov to talk about the man and the musician.

Ekaterina Denisov

This meeting organised by the Cdmc is produced in partnership with the non-profit organization Les amis d’Edison Denisov and the Conservatoire de Paris – Cnsmdp. With the contribution of the publisher Le Chant du Monde.

Programme :

. 10h Welcome address by Laure Marcel-Berlioz and introduction by Ekaterina Denisov
Edison Denisov in the context of his period

. 10h15 Ivanka Stoianova
Edison Denisov - avant-gardist composer and teacher

. 10h45 Pierre-Albert Castanet
The Requiem of Edison Denisov: a singular way to light

. 11h15 Pierre-Yves Artaud
Edison Denisov and the flute

Ponctuation musicale:
Avant le coucher du soleil pour flûte et vibraphone
Pierre-Yves Artaud, flûte
Thierry Miroglio, vibraphone

. 12h Questions by the public

. 14h Ekaterina Denisov
Light and color in the work of Edison Denisov

. 14h30 Jean-Luc Darbellay
Edison Denisov, teacher and rallying person

. 15h Yuri Kasparov
Denisov – leader

. 15h30 Claude Samuel
Edison Denisov facing the young Debussy

. 16h15 Screening of the film « Victoire sur la vie » of Zoia Bieliaeva, 40 min.

. 17h15 Round table with all the speakers and discussion with the public

. 19h Concert au Conservatoire de Paris – cnsmdp – salon Vinteuil
Edison Denisov
Signe en blanc pour piano seul
Christine Marchais, piano
Variations sur un thème de Schubert pour violoncelle et piano
Sietse-Jan Weijenberg, violoncelle, Maria Belooussova, piano
Des ténèbres à la lumière, pour accordéon seul
Lucille Moury, accordéon
Sonate pour saxophone et piano
Marc Siefert, saxophone, Christine Marchais, piano