Contemporary creation and world music

Tuesday 09 February 2010 - 00:00
Contemporary creation and world music

. At 18h, round table

The contribution of traditional music to the techniques of contemporary composition
Chaired by Jeanne Martine Vacher, producer for France Culture

Before the concert given by the ensemble Arcema, Jesus Villa-Rojo, Isabel Urrutia, Jorge Fernandez-Guerra, José Luis Campana, Bertrand Dubedout and Daniel Teruggi will debate the contribution of world music to their compositional processes. How, for example, each integrates into his or her composition rhythmic models from popular traditions; how each, using highly specific techniques and methods – belonging to our ‘European school of composition’ – has dealt with a type of music that has its own rules and modes of functioning. What of melodic curves and modes of play; of chordal structures and rhythmic polyphony; of pitch organisation; of the contribution of computerised music; of the possible use of traditionally made instruments alongside those that are western-built; of the necessity for specific forms of notation?
This debate, chaired by Jeanne Martine Vacher, will be illustrated live by Jean Geoffroy, percussion, Pierre Strauch, cello and Bertrand Chavarria, guitar. They will also debate their position as a performer vis-à-vis these new languages and materials, implying as they do other ways of approaching the instrument, and will discuss their experiences of playing with musicians from traditional cultures.
J. L. Campana

. At 19h, concert

Jesus Villa-Rojo Lamento (version B) for cello and electronic transformation on CD (world premiere)
Jorge Fernandez-Guerra Donc for solo cello (world premiere)
Bertrand Dubedout Veille de la pénitence à onze faces (From Nara) for electroacoustics
José Luis Campana Asi… for guitar and electronic transformation on CD
Daniel Teruggi Summer Band for bandoneon and tape
Isabel Urrutia Mandala for percussion and electronic transformation on CD

Soloists of the ensemble Arcema
Pierre Strauch, cello
Jean Geoffroy, percussion
Bertrand Chavarria, guitar
Artistic direction, José Luis Campana

Admission free, reservations 01 47 15 49 86
Coproduction Cdmc – Ensemble Arcema
With the support of the Sacem and of Ina/GRM