Sense and sensibility: from one logic to another

Wednesday 19 January 2011 - 09:30

INHA, Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis
Coordination: Antonia Soulez

This session deals with the spectrum of the different ways of accessing the philosopher’s conceptual writing, raised by music and its relationship to time. Starting with a few philosophies for which music acts on the philosopher, we intend to exhume the various types of logic by which this action is ‘schematised’ in the ‘becoming game’ of philosophy.

. 9h30: Welcome

10h: On musical immanence with Deleuze and Wittgenstein
Jean-Pierre Caron

. 10h45: Which diagram for music?
Noëlle Batt

. 11h30: Music from oblivion: Daniel Charles in dialogue with Gilles Deleuze
Carmen Pardo

. 14h30: Turning the inaudible forces of time into sound: Deleuze in the perspective of Pierre Boulez
Vladimir Safatle

. 15h15: Another notation, another approach
Patrice Loraux

. 16h15: Concept construction, with Deleuze and Wittgenstein
Antonia Soulez

. 17h30: Round table

Musical interludes
John Cage
Nadine Gabard, mezzo soprano (Cie Éclats)

Institut National de l’Histoire des Arts (INHA)
Salle Vasari
2 rue Vivienne
75002 Paris
Metro 3, Bourse – 1 or 7, Palais Royal