Borrowings, quotations, 20th/21st centuries… The art of taming exogenous materials

Tuesday 10 February 2015 - 13:30

Coordination Jean-Michel Bardez and Marie-Noëlle Masson

Quotation, collage, borrowing, allusion, pastiche, copy, replica, collage, montage, etc. are so many terms that designate various practices acknowledged throughout the history of artistic production. It is but right and proper, in each context, to analyse the reasons and modalities by virtue of which one production relates to another, preceding text.

The day session, organised jointly by the Sfam (Société Française d’Analyse Musicale) and the Cdmc, will start from scratch in examining the question of innovation and repetition in twentieth-century musical creation. It is less a case of reviewing the musical works that echo, in one way or another, earlier works, than of including in the analysis the processes and techniques of ‘referral’ and ‘integration’ of one with another.

With the participation of Gérard Pesson, Martin Kaltenecker, Stéphane Orlando.

Partnership Cdmc – Société française d’analyse musicale (Sfam)